In Almar Lawyers we offer you the following services. For more information or to ask about a specific case please contact us.

Real Estate Law

Are you a homeowner? Are you interested in buying?  Almar Lawyers will advise, assess and prepare all documentation needed for the whole process of buying and selling.

Maritime Law

Our Maritime Office specializes in the field of maritime law yachting in the Mediterranean. From  the buying and selling  of a boat, to charter licensing and tax exemptions thereof, as well as collision, insurance, guarantees and everything else that isneeded  in this area.


We will make your contracts and advise you in how to process them.

Debt Collection

If you have a debt owing you we will help you to reclaim the debt and manage your collection of it to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Traffic Accidents

We handle the management of all formalities related to any accident in which you have been involved.


If you need to manage an eviction we can advise you and help you carry out all the necessary paperwork to get your case resolved favorably.

Criminal Law

We analyze your case, advise you and work with you to resolve it favorably.

Family Law

We handle and resolve situations of marital separation and divorce. We advise and apply the regulations in such cases when minors are involved.

Probate, Wills and Testaments

We handle all the paperwork to manage your inheritance, succession and wills.

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